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We always recommend that you first come along to a meeting or two and see that we don’t bite!  Our meeting schedule is in the calendar on the home page below.  Membership is $40 per year.

Hawkesbury Camera Club meets the first, second and third Wednesday of each month from February to November at The Richmond Club, East Market Street, Richmond. Starting at 7:30pm, finishing at 9:30pm.

Payment is made online via our membership page. If you have any questions please use our contact page to reach out to us.

Only for Financial Members of the Club we have a Private Members Facebook Group. For help and updates between meetings join it now.

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About our club

Hawkesbury Camera Club offers a great deal to both the newer and the more experienced photographer, we provide monthly competitions for prints and projected images.

The Hawkesbury Camera Club Inc. has been in existence for over 70 years having been established in the early 1950s by a number of dedicated photographers led by the first president Stan Stevens.

Hawkesbury City Council have honoured our first President Stan Stevens by naming a Room at the Public Library after him.

Our members’ interests cover a wide and varied range of the photographic spectrum; ranging from beginners to professional photographers, using both the newer digital or the traditional film cameras.

The objective of the club is to stimulate the photographic interests of its members, by combining education, assistance, competition and social contact in a friendly, comfortable and informal situation.

Join our Club Upcoming Events
7:30 pm Presentation – ‘Juxtaposition’ b... @ Richmond Club
Presentation – ‘Juxtaposition’ b... @ Richmond Club
Jul 3 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Presentation - 'Juxtaposition' by: Ray Williams @ Richmond Club | Richmond | New South Wales | Australia
Presentation on our Monthly Set Subject Juxtaposition This month’s presentation will be covering the September Set Subject of Juxtaposition. It’s can be a very intriguing subject to shoot. Do you know what Juxtaposition means? juxtaposition[...]
7:30 pm July Competition Night – Pattern... @ Richmond Club
July Competition Night – Pattern... @ Richmond Club
Jul 17 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
July Competition Night - Patterns in Nature @ Richmond Club | Richmond | New South Wales | Australia
Competition Brief PATTERNS IN NATURE Wednesday, 17 July 2024 COMPETITION RULES All components of the submitted image must be captured and edited by the photographer. A photograph that demonstrates a pattern CREATED by NATURE no[...]
7:30 pm Presentation Night – Seasons @ Richmond Club
Presentation Night – Seasons @ Richmond Club
Aug 14 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Presentation Night - Seasons @ Richmond Club | Richmond | New South Wales | Australia
Presentation on our Monthly Set Subject Seasons This Set Subject is truly a year round subject to be shot. Join us as Robert Clarke discusses shooting Seasons.
7:30 pm August Competition Night – Mono @ Richmond Club
August Competition Night – Mono @ Richmond Club
Aug 21 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
August Competition Night - Mono @ Richmond Club | Richmond | New South Wales | Australia
Competition Brief MONO Wednesday, 21 August 2024 COMPETITION RULES All components of the submitted image must be captured and edited by the photographer. A black and white work fitting from the very dark grey (black)[...]
7:00 pm August Committee Meeting @ Richmond Club
August Committee Meeting @ Richmond Club
Aug 22 @ 7:00 pm
August Committee Meeting All members are welcome to visit and take part in Club Committee meetings. Be involved and part of the future of the club. All members will have an opportunity to voice their[...]
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Special Presentation Night – Pixel One. July 10th.

We have achieved a small coup by hosting Andrew Code from Pixel One. Pixel One is the Australian Distributor for numerous brands; suppling quality products to photography, videography and cinematic industries. The main emphasise of Andrew’s presentation will be the use, theory and science behind using filters in photography, specifically NiSi Filters.

The use of filters can and will help photographers take their photography to the next level. The presentation is very much educational and interactive in that Andrew is more than happy to answer any questions. Andrew is a very passionate photographer in his own right and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the products.

On the night there will also be sample products from the Pixel One range of brands for visitors to also view and ask questions about. Products include NiSi Filters, Explorer & Sirui Tripods, Summit Creative,  Lensball and other products. During the night (and a short period after the presentation) Pixel One is offering a 15% discount on any orders placed through Andrew. More details on orders will be available on the night.

The night is predominately around education and the use of filters in photography, as well a great opportunity for photographers to catch up and make new connections. All visitors are invited to join Hawkesbury Club Members for dinner prior to the meeting from 6pm at the Richmond Club. This is an open invitation to members, family & friends of Hawkesbury Camera Club, along with members and guests from other Camera Clubs. 

by Jeffrey Walsh, June 21, 2024


My PhotoClub HELP Workshop

Get HELP uploading Competition Entries to My PhotoClub

Date: Wednesday 12th June
Time: 6pm to 7pm
Location: The Richmond Club, Meeting Room
Calendar Link:

Informal Workshop 
Individual Assistance

Bring your own laptop and images ready to upload for the June ‘Creative’ Competition.
We will help resize, upload, name and enter the competition.

This is not an editing workshop. You will need to have your images ready to enter. 
Physical prints aren’t needed, just the digital file ready to upload.

My PhotoClub

Depending on number of attendees we may have time to help with other My PhotoClub questions. Our aim is to help members enter competitions. To become familiar with the platform. No bookings, just turn up ready from 6pm. We will wrap up at 7pm in order to get ready for the regular meeting. Please be early. 

by Jeffrey Walsh, June 5, 2024


May 2024 Newsletter

Here is our MayNewsletter for your enjoyment.

by Jeffrey Walsh, June 1, 2024


Visit to Hot Metal Workshop Report

Reported by Club Member Alex.

On the 11th of May, some members of the Hawkesbury Camera Club had the privilege of photographing Jimbo in his small metalworking workshop. Jimbo is a local artisan who works with recycled metals in the Windsor area. His passion for his art is palpable in his conversations about his artworks. When asked how he comes up with ideas for his next piece, Jimbo simply replied, “I see it in my mind’s eye.” This statement is typical of many artists, whom we often admire from afar, appreciating in wonder the art pieces they create seemingly out of nothing.

One of the benefits of meeting Jimbo and having permission to visit him in his workshop is the unique opportunity to look behind the curtain. It is fascinating to observe how all artists seem to be caught up in the moment when they are in their groove. As photographers, we too consider ourselves artists, and it is always beneficial to talk to artists in other fields. This interaction provides insight into how they interpret their art and how they approach problem solving. Meeting Jimbo and observing his creative process was an enriching experience that not only offered us a glimpse into his artistic world but also inspired our own creative endeavours.

During our visit to Jimbo’s workshop, several photographic techniques were particularly relevant and provided valuable opportunities for experimentation and learning. By applying these photographic techniques, we were able to capture the essence of Jimbo’s artistry and the unique atmosphere of his metalworking workshop. This experience not only enhanced our technical skills but also deepened our appreciation for the artistic process in a different medium.

Here are some of the techniques we employed:

1. Environmental Portraits

Environmental portraits were a primary focus during the session with Jimbo. This technique involves photographing the subject in their natural environment, showcasing their workspace and tools, which adds context and depth to the portrait. Jimbo’s workshop, filled with metalworking tools and recycled metal pieces, was perfect for this approach. Jimbo’s long white beard and weathered look also made for the perfect portrait shot and he was always accommodating in posing for us

2. Close-Up and Macro Photography

Capturing the intricate details of Jimbo’s metalwork required close-up and macro photography. This technique helped highlight the textures, patterns, and fine details of the recycled metals he uses, providing a different perspective on his craftsmanship.

3. Use of Natural and Artificial Light

The lighting in Jimbo’s workshop was a mix of natural light from a large entry door and artificial light from overhead fixtures. Balancing these light sources was crucial when adjusting our white balance. We experimented with using natural light for softer, more diffused illumination, and artificial light to highlight specific areas or create dramatic shadows. This was particularly interesting when at times the only light in the room was coming from the sparks off Jimbo’s plasma cutting. 

4. Wide-Angle and Fisheye Lenses

Given the cramped nature of the workshop, wide-angle and fisheye lenses were particularly useful. These lenses allowed us to capture the entirety of the workspace in a single frame, providing a comprehensive view of Jimbo at work. A fisheye lens, in particular, gave a unique, distorted perspective that emphasized the bustling and cluttered nature of the workshop.

5. Depth of Field Control

Using a shallow depth of field helped isolate Jimbo from his background, drawing attention to him and his actions while blurring the less important details. Conversely, a deeper depth of field was used to show the intricate details of his workshop environment, emphasizing the relationship between Jimbo and his tools.

6. Action Shots

Capturing Jimbo in action, such as using his plasma cutting tools, required fast shutter speeds to freeze the motion. These action shots conveyed the dynamic and energetic nature of his work.

7. Black and White Photography

Experimenting with black and white photography helped emphasize the textures and contrasts within Jimbo’s workshop. The lack of colour drew attention to the shapes and forms of the metalwork, as well as the light and shadows.

8. Composition Techniques

We employed various composition techniques, such as the rule of thirds, leading lines, and framing. These techniques helped create visually compelling images that guide the viewer’s eye towards the subject and key elements within the frame.

A BIG Thank you to Jimbo for opening up his workshop to Club Members. You can see more of Jimbo’s work on Social media (Facebook or Instagram).

If Club Members have ideas or contacts for future outings please contact a Committee member. We are always looking for more outings and workshops to hold for members.

by Jeffrey Walsh, May 27, 2024


Lightroom & Photoshop Workshop Report

Reported by Club Member Laraine.

A couple of weekends ago myself and another couple of members attended the Lightroom and Photoshop workshop put on at the Club. Jeff started the day by making sure we all had the correct software – which sounds like an easy process but did take some time with a few of us having the wrong version of this or that.  

He started at the beginning –

From importing to Lightroom, how to check, align and adjust your picture just right, then export and save. We then imported through Photoshop for some finishing touches. 

To finish off the day Jeff showed us how to make sure our pictures were sized correctly to submit through My Photo Club so we could start submitting entries. He sent us off with a copy of his presentation, so we could go over things again at home if needed. 

Overall it was a great day, and I learnt a lot. I’d recommend that any club members who aren’t quite sure of the whole Lightroom/Photoshop process attend a workshop, because it really does help to get over some of those initial hurdles that seem so daunting at the start. 

Taking your photography to a new level with editing.

by Jeffrey Walsh, May 20, 2024


HCC Goes to Vivid Sydney 2024

Members are invited to join our annual Road Trip to Vivid Sydney.
We travel by Bus in to the city, with reserved parking adjoining Circular Quay.
Arriving early for dinner before the lights come up.
After an enjoyable evening shooting the sites we head back hame in the comfort of the bus.
Traveling as a group, once at Vivid, members will form their own small groups to wander the installation.

Departure from the Richmond Club is 4pm SHARP.
Departure from Vivid is 10:30.
Arriving back at the Richmond Club by midnight.

No pickup or drop off points apart from the Richmond Club will be arranged.

Seats are Limited!!! A waiting list will be established as this is proving to be a popular event. If you book and need to cancel please cancel your ticket via Try Booking ahead of the event to allow others on the waiting list to book.


Tuesday 4 June 2024 4:00 PM – 11:59 PM (UTC+10)


2024 Vivid Sydney
Circular Quay, Sydney NSW 2000

by Jeffrey Walsh, May 9, 2024


InCamera Newsletter

All the latest news from Hawkesbury Camera Club. Right here for your viewing.

This edition includes the Brief for this years Photographic Challenge. Plus all the news from the Hawkesbury Show.

Click here to read the latest edition: InCamera Newsletter.

by Jeffrey Walsh, May 2, 2024

Editing Workshop

Workshop – Lightroom & Photoshop Beginner

Saturday May 4th, 10am to 4pm
Richmond Club

This workshop is designed to help beginner photographers edit photos in order to submit into competitions, internally and externally.Photographers will work their way through importing images from camera, to filing and keywording, then to editing in Lightroom. Photos will then be taken into Photoshop to finish and to add an extra dimension to them.

Participants require a licensed version of Lightroom Classic and Photoshop installed on a laptop the on the day. If you have concerns about your software please contact the organiser prior to booking. This is a hands on practical workshop and therefore numbers are limited.

Sample images will be supplied on the day to facilitate training, however members can bring their own images to work on or to receive assistance with should time permit.

To book your place please use our Try Booking option:
Book your seat here.

Get creative with your editing skills.

by Jeffrey Walsh, April 17, 2024

Hawkesbury Library Event

Getting to know your camera.

Held at Hawkesbury Library, May 9th 2024. 7pm to 9pm.

This event is hosted by Hawkesbury Library in partnership with Hawkesbury Camera Club.

Community members are invited to join us for a workshop on making the most of your SLR digital camera with tips from seasoned photographers from Hawkesbury Camera Club (BYO camera). All ages welcome.

Terms and Conditions:

  • SMILE! Your attendance at events supported by Hawkesbury City Council may be digitally recorded through photographs. Images may be used for promotional purposes on council’s websites, publications, social media or by newspapers.
    By attending this session you agree to these terms. If you do not wish your image (or the image of your child) to be published, please notify staff before the event.
  • Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult to all Library activities.
  • If you are unable to attend please cancel your tickets as soon as possible. This will enable others to participate in the programme.
  • Paid tickets are not transferable.

To book your tickets please book through Hawkesbury Library:
Tickets Here.

Volunteer Members from Hawkesbury Camera Club will on hand to assist at the workshop with instruction and support of attendees. Members will assist attendees during the practical exercises aimed to facilitate learning outcomes. Members have experience in various brands and models of cameras.

Hands on practical photography workshop.

Hawkesbury Camera Club Members will be approached via separate email to volunteer to assist at this event.

by Jeffrey Walsh, April 16, 2024



This event is for Hawkesbury Camera Club Members Only.
If you would like to join our Club please visit our website.

Date: Saturday 11th May 2024
Time: 10:45
Location: South Windsor (Address emailed prior to event)

Members will have two (2) hours of exclusive access to a local Hawkesbury Metal Worker’s Workshop. We will have the opportunity to capture images of sparks flying, welding flames, along with portrait shots of the metal worker at work & finished artworks.

Thinking out side the square this is an opportunity to learn and practice new and different photographic techniques. Images can be used for future competitions or components of composite images. Under the limited lighting conditions of the workshop members may be tested in order to capture images.

Spaces are limited to 6 Members. Space is limited in the workshop due to size and safety purposes. This is a ‘hot’ workshop and members MUST wear appropriate clothing and shoes.

Final details and address will be emailed to attendees.

To book your place please use our Try Booking option:
Purchase Tickets here

by Jeffrey Walsh, April 15, 2024